what does turn a man into a wuss?

am I impotent?
Calm down!

You are not impotent!

It`s only because of fatigue and psychology.

Erection can`t be 24 hours per day!

It`s just your body functions like so in stress conditions
if you tried and didn`t succeed reaction is just slowed down


The Maca roots were used by native Americans as a food product that improve sexual function. Due to its aphrodisiatic properties, it is used both in ritual and military purposes. For example, during Tahuantinsuyo period the Inca used lots of Maca roots to increase physical strength before the fight.

if you want to have an erection as hard as steel
and at the same time no heart diseases?


there is a remedy to give that to you forever
without any consequances:

Peruvian MacaThe root of the world's oldest aphrodisiac


its unique
properties only:

  • in the Peruvian mountains
  • over 3000 meters above
  • only in the fertile mountain soil
  • under the special climate

Surprise ladies with your rock hard erection
after using Peruvian Maca for 4 weeks

Testosterone production
is stimulated
Sex time is
+10-15 MIN.
Sperm motility
is increased
Sex time is
+20-25 MIN.
Sexual sensitivity is increased
Sex time is
+30-35 MIN.
Controlled erection, high activity
Sex time is
+40-45 MIN.

Maca powder is the REMEDY #1

Many men have already seen the effect of Maca powder.
Effect is striking!

Maca powder is the REMEDY #1

  • August 2017

    Peruvian Maca – is the only one way for penis enlargement and erction prolonging. No pills will give such results. Peruvian Maca is a natural way to improve penis functioning.It becomes firmer, engorged and enlarged .

  • October 2017

    Peruvian Maca is a wonderful remedy for boosting your sexual activity. Only the thought about sex with you makes women horny! Because good sex is better than cute appearance. Peruvian Maca guarantees long and hard erection. Be like a wild animal in bed.

  • November 2017

    Numerous studies show that 95% of women aren`t satisfied in bed. The problem is the penis size and duration of erection. 94% of interviewed women would agree to sex after the first date if the size of the penis is 20 cm and the erection lasts for an hour. Sounds good, doesn`t it? Peruvian Maca is the remedy which increases your penis size to a maximum and provides you with long-hours erection. Peruvian Maca makes your penis both firm and sensitive. Women will be amazed!

  • ava

    Justin Duncan

    I got +5 cm within one month and a half! Erection is rock hard and lasts half an hour! I feel like a king!
    4 January 2017 20:25
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    George Gimson

    It`s awesome! The erection is really hard and long! When my girlfriend sees it she is immediately horny!
    18 January 2017 16:12
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    Andrew Albertson

    My sexual drive can make horny everybody. My wife didn`t expect it. Now sex is more often and better.
    26 January 2017 21:12
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    Jack Babcock

    Amazing remedy! Obvious and long-term effect is guaranteed. I`m 45 y.o.and my girlfriend is 22 y.o. She is horny all the time!
    26 January 2017 23:13
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    James Clifford

    The effect of Peruvian Maca has surpassed all expectations! Even viagra can`t be compared with it! Guys, that is exactly what we need!!!
    26 January 2017 15:33
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    Edward Baldwin

    My friend advised me Peruvian Maca, by the way, he is 44 y/o. I decided to check if it works. Effect is terrific! I`ve been dating with a nice lady and we have no sexual problems!
    19 January 2017 13:10
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    Max Evans

    Guys, Peruvian Maca is smth awesome!!! Penis is hard as a rock! Erection is endless! Ladies get crazy in bed with me!
    22 January 2017 21:17
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    David Gilmore

    Despite I`m 55, I make love with my wife every day. She is delighted! Good sex gave me more confidence. Now everything is possible for me))
    24 January 2017 00:18

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You`ll get Peruvian Maca within 2-3 days after making your order (for residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg). As for other regions, the delivery takes up to 14 days.Payment is upon receiving!

Be awere of counterfeits !

In Russia and the CIS the original Peruvian Maca is sold only in an exclusive packaging with the unique registration code! Find the code on the package and verify the authenticity of the product.

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